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Survival Priorities

Knowing priorities in an emergency lets you start to work immediately and without confusion. Below are listed the 7 priorities you should have when in a survival situation:

1. Positive Mental Attitude. As attested by those who have survived wilderness emergencies, a positive mental attitude
may be the most essential element in survival.

2. First Aid. If an injury is life threatening, such as rapid loss of blood, first aid becomes the most important thing to do.

3. Shelter. Extreme weather conditions, too hot or too cold, make finding or building a shelter of top importance. At
such times even painful but minor injuries must wait until shelter is available. This is even more urgent if night is

4. Fire. Often, along with shelter, you will need a fire for warmth and signaling. Fuel should be secured and the fire started
before dark.

5. Signaling. When you have taken the first steps in dealing with the emergency, you will need to prepare rescue signals.

6. Water. Under all circumstances, water is essential. You can live only a few days without it. Finding water is even more
urgent when the weather is hot and dry.

7. Food. A person can live several weeks without food; it does not rate high as a survival priority.

adopted from the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Handbook